Starting a new season…

So I’ve decided that I needed an upgrade from xanga and wordpress seemed like a perfect outlet. So the past couple of months God has really been closing the old season of my life and presenting me with a fresher, newer and much different one than before. Months ago I was known for constantly being with people and doing crazy things (for God of course) and just constantly being on the go. This season though, it seems like God has been pressing me to sit at His feet like Mary did and stop being Martha in the Kitchen. I have been having to learn that God wants my attention. He wants me to romance with Him and listen to what He has to say. He wants me to take time out of my busy busy busy days and just talk to Him. There wasn’t anything wrong with the old season I left behind, but if i was to try and stay there, then my life would be a wreck. God has been maturing me and molding me into a the woman of God, He has called me to be and no longer just a girl.

Speaking of maturing, my birthday is this Saturday! Conveniently, the leaders for Crossroads youth are going to a lake house to discuss the plans for the fall and what not, and we just happen to be down there on the day of my birthday. Another girl that is going made me laugh by telling me she was going to tell our youth pastor to not worry about the cake because she was afraid he would get one from the store. She kindly offered to bake me a cake and decorate it with my favorite colors. This birthday is already looking amazing.

Something else that ive been thinking about lately is the people from our pasts. You go through so much with them and at the time you think that they will be in your life forever and something happens thats changes that fairy tale plan and you think that your life can’t go on with out them. Slowly though the wounds heal and the gap from them being gone in your life slowly closes and you move on. I wonder how many times this will happen. How many times will people come in and out of my life. Will they change me for the better or the worse, will they leave me with memories that i never want to forget or ones that i wish would go away. I hope that the people in my life right now stay for awhile… i really am enjoying their company :] However, God will lead all of our lives wherever He might want us so all I can do is hang on for the ride.

Lord, Im holding onto You with everything I have.


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