Strawberry Cake

Hmmmm So my birthday is in two days and i get to spend it with some lovely people at Lake Gaston. Its weird to look back on birthdays. Last year was my sweet 16 and all i did was have a friend over and lay out at the pool and go out to dinner with my family. Every year my birthday roles around and its just been another day. This year i feel like people care about me enough to actually do something with me. My youth pastor offered to buy me a cake to celebrate while we were all at the lake but then a friend told him that she would take care of it and bake me one! I have never had a cake baked for me that hasn’t been my family baking it. What makes me laugh the most is when i was asked what was my favorite type of cake, i hesitated and told them a just vanilla cake with chocolate icing. Thats a lie. Its strawberry with strawberry icing. My mom has been making it for me ever since i can remember. Even though its my birthday, i didn’t want anyone to not like my birthday cake so i told them a “safe” cake. A cake that everyone would like. I wonder if i will get my strawberry cake this year.

So at 5:00 am this morning i said goodbye to everyone who went on the Costa Rica trip. It was a rather hard struggle for multiple reasons. For one, I have been sick these past couple of days. I have had no voice and have been having horrible coughing spells. In jesus’ name im healed though. So i felt like i had been hit with a bus. Two, is that i was saying goodbye to someone who means a lot to me. I know, I know! This person will come home in like 8 days but still. I know that the entire team will being doing work for the kingdom so that makes it a lot easier to wait for everyones return. His mom called me today which was awesome. :] I love her with a passion. We have so many similarities its crazy haha. I can open up to her like a friend, and tell her things about me that i normally wouldn’t. I have never had a relationship like this with an adult. None the less, a woman of God. She is amazing and I am so blessed to have her in my life.

ok so i would just like yall to know that God is doing something crazy in Raleigh. Intense stuff. God is moving in the youth and its going to be mind blowing. Im so excited and i don’t want to be left behind on whatever happens. ahhhhhhhhhh. He is good. :]

I know that these have been 3 random subjects but i just felt like writing.

Be blessed. Walk in His love and follow His spirit.


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