It’s time for healing.

So the road of healing is never easy and at times it will hurt like hell, but it is necessary and and more than needed. We become such broken people through all the sin that is in our life. We immediately shatter the moment we walk away from our Creator. Step after step we believe we have it all under control, we depend on the world for our survival . We are slowly dying without our life support. The thought of being in the wrong slowly disappears along with the conviction. The desperation in our search to fill the void in our life is directed horizontally to our empty surrounding instead of vertically to the Giver of Life. We fall to our knees and scream in desperation for someone to hear, for someone to care, for someone to love. He is right there beside you. He feels every ounce of pain your heart holds and hold in His hands every broken piece of your shattered life. The Healer begins to mold and reshape your rough edges, your imperfections, your flaws. He wipes away your secrets and your shame. You are clay in His hands and perfect in His eyes. He has waited on you day after day, loving you and calling you His favorite. Redemption is calling. Stop. Turn. Run. His arms are waiting to embrace you for eternity. He loves you more than anything or anyone. Call on Him and He will answer. Strip off the weights that slow us down and let us run the race that God has set before us. It’s time for healing.
–an entry from my journal
Inspiration: Hebrews 12:1



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