I’m glad you can’t see me…

http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid1119137898?bctid=1111441557 <—- check this out!

So my wonderful right leg decided to tighten up on me today. In my mom’s words, “Why you walking so funny…???” hahah Anyways, THATS OK! In everything i am reading about running a marathon, you shouldn’t run everyday. (Not an excuse, I PROMISE!) So a friend referenced a program called Crossfit –Check out the comment he left in my last post if you are interested. To help my running, I need to focus on stuff other than just running. Weight training, stretching, food choices etc. My schedule today has been a little crazy though. I had to get blood taken this morning so my organic cereal was traded for frosted strawberry poptarts, not a great trade…. but there is only so much you can do when having to be at the doctors office at 8.20 and being instructed not to eat anything before you come.

Anywhos, I just wanted yall to see some of the yoga i’m going to try out. The first thing that came to my head was, “I’m glad nobody is watching me do this.” Yoga isn’t as wimpy as it might seem. It is great excercise and helps tone your muscles while also stretching. So since today is my not running day,  why not try this out. Hopefully it will help my tightened groin/leg muscle.

You should try out the pose I posted. hahah Just imagine me doing it, I promise it will make you laugh.

Oh and today would have been perfect weather for a run :] Hopefully tomorrow will be the same.




3 thoughts on “I’m glad you can’t see me…

  1. Looks like fun! I’ve wanted to try out some yoga for myself sometime. Keep us posted as to how it works for you. I’d love to know if you feel like it helps you with the running. Good luck!!

  2. Haha, I opened that link here at Craig and Yvonnes house (we’re about to watch a teaching & pray) I saw the woman in her sports bra and just imagined what Yvonne would do if she rounded the corner. lol. glad to hear you’re keeping focused on your goal. =)

  3. Yoga is not that bad of a physical activity- it actually get’s the blood pumping. Good for you for trying it out!

    I am proud of you Ann.



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