Talking to myself.

I would have to say that when I run, I have the best conversations with God.
Today has been one of those days where you just want to get away from reality and forget your problems. When you have a million and 1 thoughts running through your mind and your just trying to do your job but no matter how hard you try, you can’t concentrate. I had a 7 hour shift today and it wasn’t horrible, but there were definitely frustrating parts of it. On top of work, you have “life issues”. The stuff in your own life that your trying to figure out and what not. When I run, it gives me a chance to just really talk to God and to try and declutter my brain. To try and refocus. Today’s run was just one of those stress reliever runs. Time for a hot shower, another stress reliever.

oh. 2 things that aren’t cool.
1. lied. It may be 67 degrees out there but it sure as heck feels a lot colder.
2. My ipod hates running with me. I need a nano. erggg. :/

2 things that are cool:
1 – My breathing is getting better.
1.5 – This is day 4 of consistent working out. Woooo!
2 -Tomorrow is Easter, HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!



One thought on “Talking to myself.

  1. Ann,

    You have not written on here in a while. I am hoping everything is still ok. How is the running going? Keep it up! I believe in you.


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