My weakness.

Its been a few days, but i just wanted to keep yall in the loop. Things are going really really well…. EXCEPT for one thing. My biggest weakness is food. Being a teenager and trying to eat healthy is extremely hard. I leave my house by 7 in the morning and most days i don’t get home until 7 at night. That adds up to a lot of eating out and eating what i can. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my healthy foods, but its not always as accessible as I would like. Yesterday, for example, was probably one of the worst eating days i have had in awhile. Breakfast was healthy.
Lunch: Lasagna that i heated up at work during my lunch break, gummy snacks, and apple sauce.
Dinner: Chick fil a. = 4 piece with large fry, water.
Dessert: Goodberries = Small oreo icecream.

Yea, that shows up in my runs. :/ This summer it will be a lot easier to monitor what i’m putting in my body, as i start my harder work outs.

Today was a glorious day. The weather was wonderful!!! What a perfect saturday. I woke up early so i could go for a morning run and it was AWESOME! Best run so far. I can really see that I am improving and that my workouts and what not are paying off. What a great feeling. Well, i am running late, I need to go shower and get ready for a missions meeting at my church.



4 thoughts on “My weakness.

  1. Ann,

    I am glad that you are being honest to us and to yourself. Keep yourself accountable. I have found that planning out what I am going to eat makes it easier to keep to that regiment.



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