New Terrain a question and a belt

So yesterday I didn’t have time to run at home with my busy schedule, but i was still deteremined to run. I brought my running shoes and clothes with me out to a  friends house and ran there. Let me tell you though, it feels weird running somewhere you have never ran before… and then it hit me! My marathon isn’t going to be in my neighborhood. I’m not sure if that makes any sense to you… but it was a huge revalation. I am going to try and start running in places other than my neighborhood while training. I’m positive, that it will help me not get comforatable with just running the same course. I’ll be honest, it was a SUPER hard run yesterday. I didn’t have my nicely paved sidewalk. I had gravel on the side of the road. I also wasn’t sure how far I was running, which was weird. I couldn’t be like, “oh theres a mile” etc. I’m sore today which is always a good feeling.

With the warmer weather though, I am tempted to buy a waterbelt. I might just have to get over my pride of looking silly though…. hmm and I really don’t know if I am there yet.

waterbeltsThe camo one would fit me perfectly ; ] hahahh.

And now for the question….

When I run, my fingers swell…. and I want to know why. They only swell really bad when it’s hot. Anybody have an answer to why my fingers swell? Is it from lack of water or just from the heat or what??

Let me know!  :]




2 thoughts on “New Terrain a question and a belt

  1. Swelling normally occurs to runners on hot days due to either dehydration, over-hydration, or fluid retention, which occurs in walkers or runners due to the motions of the arms and the hands not being able to “drain out” the fluids they accumulate, kinda like an imbalance. A couple of ways to solve this are occasionally squeezing your hands into fists to make your hands “breathe” (like working the fluids out, a technique my father taught me) and by having more water or less water, depending on how much you normally drink on your run. Hope that helps!


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