Motherly Instincts

We have been watching a movie in English class for the past few days called the “The Power of One”. It’s about a white English boy who grows up in Africa and loses everyone he ever loves. Depressing, I know… but I think it’s one of my favorite movies. What surprised me the most though is how much my motherly instincts kicked in during the movie. The little boy was beaten and treated horribly and all I could do was hold onto my seat and try not to stick my arms through the t.v. and pick him up and care for him. Goodness gracious… if I get this worked up about a kid I have never met in a movie, I wonder how worked up I will become about my own kids. I can’t wait until I am married and start my own family. Don’t worry, no kids anytime soon. Whenever I get married, I would like to enjoy it just being my husband and I for a few years. Everyone around me though is popping out kids or has new borns or something of the sort and I know it’s not my time, but I can’t wait for the blessing of a child. I know I know! “Your too young, enjoy life, etc blah blah blah.” I’m not worried about timing because as long as I am following Gods will everything will workout. It could be 10 years from now before I even get married (Dear Jesus, if you love me make it sooner than that haha). I think I am going to start serving in Kids Church at my Church…. It will be fun and a great way to serve. 

Anywho’s. It has definitely been interesting to see how my motherly instincts have grown stronger over the years. I went from never wanting to be married and hell would freeze over before I had kids, to the complete opposite. Bring on Prince Charming and 3-5 kids after that. hahah :]



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