Thank you B.P.

Today in English we did something that sounds actually pretty cheesy, but turned out to be so uplifting. Everybody had an envelope in the front of the class with their name on it. Then everybody had scraps of paper. You were suppose to write on the scraps on paper whatever you wanted to anyone and then put it in the persons envelope. At the end of the class you picked up your envelope on the way out and read all the things people had to say to you. Out of all the ones that were in my envelope, one really stood out to me.


Your raw passion for life, your optimism, and your perseverance are all truly inspirational. You are an INCREDIBLE person. Never settle for anything less than your potential. Doing so will allow you to move mountains, which in my mind, is your potential.



Braden Pascoe, you have truly touched my heart. Thank you for such an uplifting quote.

Love A.


One thought on “Thank you B.P.

  1. I also found Friday’s English class to be amazing. I wish that every class could have such a great end to it. Having nothing but praise from everyone is such a great lifter of spirits.

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