Expect Miracles.

So tonight I celebrated my “fake 18th birthday” with my best friend. She is moving to NY for college so she won’t be here for my actual birthday which is in like 2 weeks! Anyways, she took me out to my favorite place to eat downtown and we had an awesome time just like we normally do. She even bought me a gift on top of dinner! We have been joking for years now that if she was a guy, she would be my perfect for me. hahhah. Anywhos. She bought me a bracelet. It’s a strand of jade and a strand of pearls linked together with a monogrammed tag with my initials on it. Its GORGEOUS!!! Next to the tag it has a very very tiny tag that has inscribed, “Expect Miracles”. It’s so short and simple.  I was looking at it tonight after she left and it hit me. How often is God just saying, “Expect Miracles Ann.” It’s SOOOO simple but it blew me away. Just expect miracles. Expect Miracles. Expect Miracles. EXPECT MIRACLES. Have God sized faith and expect that God sized miracles can and WILL happen. I don’t know about your life… but I know in mine I get caught up in day to day life. An unexciting uneventful routine. A box for God. God wants us to start expecting miracles for that daily routine that we have and then it won’t be unexciting and uneventful. Start expecting divine appointments when you get your hair cut, when your grocery shopping, ordering Starbucks WHATEVER you do. Who knows, God could just start to shake up your life and the people around you. Whats the worst thing that could happen? You’re known as a Christian?

Just start Expecting Miracles. See what happens.

Love A.


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