Up it.

Hello wonderful people. I figured I should update yall on my training seeing how the last couple of post haven’t really told you anything.

Training for this half marathon is one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. I am two weeks in and overall its going well, but at times it is extremely frustrating. Some days are better than ever and some days I just want to give up. The last run I did was horrible. I cramped up under my rib cag and then I have a shin splint in my right leg. I came home soooo discouraged. Yesterday was my rest day, but today I have to do strength training. I actually love lifting weights at the gym! Last time I was there though, I was referenced to use steroids. hahah it was ridiculous. This guy came over to where I was lifting free weights and asked me why I wasn’t huffin and puffin like all the other guys were. Not many girls are ever in the weight part of my gym so I tend to stick out like a sore thumb. Anywhos, I politely told him that I had just run sprints in the hot heat outside and that this wasn’t suppose to be a heavy workout. A general conversation was sparked and he told me that he created a website that wasn’t directly linked to running but it could help me out. Of course I was interested and but when he told me the website the word steroid was in it. RED FLAG! He began to tell me that the website covered everything from working out, calories, nutrition and even the benefits of using steroids and how to use them. WHAT?!?!?! I quickly told him that my workout was over and left. Sketch.

Well, every two weeks my mileage ups. I’m not looking forward to it uping because now my long run will be 5 miles. That seems like such a daunting task!!!! I’m basically freaking out. :/ I know I can do it, but physically it is going to take everything that I have to get through this and honestly probably a little walking.

I have chosen my half marathon!!! Its going to be the Rock and Roll Marathon in VA beach in September. I know my dad would have loved this one because he loved rock music. It isn’t linked with the heart association or anything, but this will be fun, and my dad was a fun guy. Ohh that reminds me of a joke! haha

A girl mushroom asked the guy mushroom why she should go out with him. The guy mushroom responded, “I’m a fun guy”.

hhhahahahhahah Ok I am seriously easily amused. I found it funny. Anyways, I need to get ready for church. Just thought I would give you guys an update!

Love A.


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