Keep on running!

I haven’t updated yall in awhile about my training, so I figured I’d let yall know whats going on. Well I would say that in about a week or so i will be at the half way point of my training. Some days are better than others. I admit that sometimes I wake up and the last thing I want to do is run. That’s when encouragement comes into play. I know that this is the hardest thing physically I have ever done to my body so I have to be patient with the slow progression. Its such a beautiful thing that I am blessed enough with good health to run… or for that fact, do anything I really want to.  I love when I get to run in the mornings when the sun is just coming up and the air is still cool and crisp. That is when I am just in awe of God, He is such a beautiful creator.

My long runs are 6 miles now and my short runs are 4. A month ago there would be no way I would be able to do that. Now to be honest, I do have to walk some parts of it, but my recovery rate is soooo much better than when I first started. I love seeing and feeling the improvement from all my training and hard work!

When I first started training there were a few things I needed/wanted.

1. iPod nano because my 30 gig video was messing up from running with it. My mom blessed me with a new nano for my graduation gift.

2. A sports watch to time my runs. My brother blessed me for my birthday with one. I love being able to time my runs now.

3. I still need a sports water bottle. It will be more efficient to run with a sports bottle than a plastic one. (real cheap, I just have to go pick it up)

4. I still need to buy my new shoes… yet again, I just have to take the time to go find the right pair.

Anywhos, I’ll still keep yall updated. :]

Love A.


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