Hello August!

So was it just me or did August sneak up on you too? I looked at my phone a couple of days ago and August 1st was the date. Where did June go? What happened to July! It is absolutely insane how when summer started I thought I had all the time in the world for anything in everything.  Now I have two weeks until I start up my 1st year of college. WHAT?!?!?!?! Intense nervousness would describe my thoughts on that. It has however been a wonderful summer full of changes, growth and memories.

Training. What’s up?

Well let me just be honest for a moment. I am sooooo burnt out from training. I love working out and I love being healthy and all that jazz but I miss going to run just to run. Now I run because I have too. Instead of feeling good about myself for running, I get frustrated because my time wasn’t what I wanted or I had to walk more than I wanted. It has taken a tole on my body and my mind. My knee’s have started to really feel the pain from all this training. I am thinking of running a different half marathon that would be in november instead of september which would give me more time to train and would also be in the city that I live. It would allow more of my friends to come and support me…. which means a lot to me. I’m still thinking about it but I’m just discouraged and burnt out. I need that new “umph” of energy and encouragement. My worst fear is feeling like I have failed my dad though. I know I can do this, it is just the hardest things I have had to do… just like I said from the begining. I will keep yall updated… I have good days and bad days, it’s all apart of my journey.


2 thoughts on “Hello August!

  1. I started runnin’ because I felt I had abdominable flab, but now I actually want to start runnin’ again. So I’m trying to get in the habit of pacing myself and to possibly become a distance runner.

  2. Ann…

    When I start to feel discouraged like this, I try to remember a few things.

    1. Working out is a lot like real life.. there are really good days and really bad days and a lot of days kind of in the middle. Ultimately, though, when you step back, it’s a very positive thing. Relish the good days, be thankful for the in-the-middle days, and laugh at the bad days.

    2. Remind yourself that you will feel even more discouraged if you quit. The fear of failure motivates me as much as the allure of success. Don’t hide your fears from yourself. Embrace them and use them.

    3. The benefits (short-term and long-term) soooo much outweigh the short term discomforts. Pushing through the hard times will make the future that much better.

    4. Enjoy your progress! Boast about your gains, brag about how you’ve toned up and sped up and improved your recovery time. Never ever disregard ANY progress, even if it’s a .5 second improvement on a 5 mile run. Progress is progress, no matter how large. It should be celebrated.

    5. Take pride in your work. Turn inward and congratulate yourself for kicking ass. Know that there are millions of people out there who absolutely do not have the strength or the guts to get out and work as hard as you do.

    6. Never ever apologize for your abilities. If you can’t hit the marathon or half-marathon mark right now, don’t worry. The only time you should ever feel regret is if you didn’t work as hard as you possibly can. If you’re sure you worked hard, pat yourself on the back.

    7. Your goals should constantly adapt. Though you should remain focused on that final goal (for me, it’s to be in the best shape of my life, for you, a marathon, perhaps), adjust your shorter-term goals to make room for your rate of progress. Awesome things take a long time to happen, sometimes even longer than we plan for. There’s no doubt, though, that by working as hard as you can, they DO happen.

    8. Stay balanced. Take pleasure in other things as well. I try to stay balanced between these three facets of my life: my body, my mind/spirit, and my career. This means that I put as much energy into keeping my brain sharp, my spirit high, and my job successful as I put into my physical fitness. All in all, fitness is not only applicable to your body, it’s ALL of you. Try to stay in the middle of this triangle. If you feel yourself tilting out of balance, reassess your situation and compensate accordingly.

    I KNOW that your father is incredibly proud of you right now. Keep yourself up, dear.

    Work hard. Be flexible. Stay Balanced.

    And remember that life is good.


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