Gnat. Silent G.

While I was driving to my 8 am class this morning I had a small revelation that I thought yall might be interested in. There was a gnat in my car and it kept hitting my front windshield trying to get out. It was extremely distracting so I tried to help the poor thing find its way out. I rolled down my window and used my hand to try and usher it out the front driver side window but it was a failed attempt. It kept flying away from me and continued with its path to try and fly through my front windshield.

Light bulb moment! Why was it trying to go through my windshield? Well, because to the gnat it looks like a good idea, it can see where it wants to go… but to some unknown reason to it, it is hitting a hard invisible wall. To me though, who sees the windshield and sees that the gnat is never going to get through the windshield, I try to help. How often are we the gnat and God is me… you get what I’m saying. We are going down whatever path we are on and for some reason we feel like we aren’t getting anywhere, we keep pushing through, we keep praying. Even when God tries to help us to a new path that will lead us to the SAME place, just a different way of getting there, we are stubborn and keep flying towards the windshield. We say, “No! I can see where I’m going! I’m going this way!!! Why would I go a different way? I don’t need Your help!”

In reality though, God sees whatever windshield that is in your life… take a minute and think about whatever is going on in your life. Do you feel stuck? Not moving forward? Your destination might be right, but your path might be wrong. Has God been trying to push you out the side window but you’re so determined and focused on the front windshield that you are ignoring the One who is trying to help you? I pray that you find the side window in your life.



3 thoughts on “Gnat. Silent G.

  1. It’s funny how we all try to do our own thing sometimes and it doesn’t work out. Yet we keep on doing it anyway. And God sitting there “Come on, I’m trying to help you here!” haha.
    Thanks for the thought and interesting analogy. I enjoy reading your blog posts. They always provide me with some encouragement. It’s funny how they always seem to come at the right time. God’s funny that way. šŸ˜‰

  2. This really speaks about my previous situation.
    I was down for all the possibilities that God had for me, well the one I thought of on my own.
    My grandmother was the gnat though, she consistently argued about fight a “loss” cause.
    I knew God was trying to tell me where to go.
    I was willing, and it took the help of someone else to open her eyes.
    God is amazing.
    Glad he lives vicariously within me.

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