Training – In Another Country?

Hello wonderful people :]

Training has been going really well. There is only one bump in my training this year. I am going on my first mission trip to Costa Rica. I leave tomorrow and return in a week. I won’t really have the opportunity to go on runs so I will be doing my workouts the best I can inside of a house. I’m thinking it will be a lot of push up and sit up and short cardio bursts, suicides, etc. I will definitely be missing the gym and can’t wait to get back to it whenever I return to the states.

I have been doing a lot a lot of strength training. I didn’t do like any last year and I really think that it really hindered my progress. My serious weakness is my arms. I have always had strong legs but when you tell me to pick something up I have noodle arms. So, with that being said, I have been doing a lot of pull ups, push ups, arm workouts in general. My arms are sooooooo sore. hahah.

Anyways, I am in the process of getting a million things done so this is all for now.

Love A.


One thought on “Training – In Another Country?

  1. you are not alone in working to strengthen your arm muscles, for i am doing the same thing. I’m trying to make my arm muscles stronger so that i’ll be strong for lots of dancing in the fall semester.

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