30 Days: Day 9/10

Day 09 – A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most

Day 10 – A picture of the person you do the craziest  things with

Patrick Tobler

My best friend.

My husband.

I have never met anyone like my husband. He is the most amazing man I have ever met and he has so many qualities about him that make it hard to not want to be his friend. We have been through the good and the bad but I wouldn’t change anything. He asked me to be his girl friend at emerald aisle on July 3 2009 and asked me to be his wife on July 2 2010 in the same spot that we were in a year earlier. Within the first 6 months of meeting him, I have journal entries of me writing about how I know this guy that I can see a future with. It is CRAZY to think about. Even before we were officially dating, Patrick and I were best friends. The night my dad died, he stayed on the phone with me for however long I needed someone to talk to and whenever I needed someone to talk to (10 pm, 12 am, 2 am, 4 am) and the morning after when I called him at 6 am bawling and saying I can’t do this, he gave me strength and encouragement. He is an amazing person with an amazing heart. The hardest thing I have ever gone through has been my dads death and Patrick has always been there for me. For the past three years, when I have needed a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen to me – he has always been there. Even now that we are married, he will drop anything when I really need him. He knows me inside and out and he loves me no matter how many flaws I might have. He is supportive and wonderful and the best friend a girl could ask for. So thank you Patrick for always being there for me and continuing to be there for me. I am excited to experience the rest of my life with you.

Patrick pushes me out of my comfort zone allllll the time. hahha He is the dare devil who wants to go against the grain and I am the type of person who likes rules and schedules and for everything to fit into a perfect and organized box. For example, on our honeymoon in the Bahamas, he wanted to not go through the cruise ship and just go explore on our own while I didn’t want to get out of eye site of the ship. However, we went off on our own and it was sooooo fun and completely worth it. My life would be pretty boring without him in it. ❤



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