30 Days: Day 12

Day 12 – A picture of something you love


1. I loveeeeee to read. I need to make more time for it because it is something that I SERIOUSLY love. I got that gene from my mama. Anything from the bible, science fiction, inspirational etc.

2. I love photography. This photo was taken during a photo shoot that I did with a very talented photographer and close friend named Amanda Rhode. I love being behind the camera or even sometimes in front of it. I appreciate photo’s, photography and photographers.

3. I love my tattoo – you can see it in the bottom of the photo on my foot. It’s a dove which represents soooo many things. When God sent the holy spirit to the earth He sent it in the form of a dove so it represents that I walk in the spirit (or with the spirit). I also promised myself I would not get it until after I ran my half marathon which was in honor of my dad who passed away in 2008 so it represents how God has walked with me through all my valleys and mountain tops.  He walks with me no matter where I go. He guides every step I take. He lights my path.

Love, A.



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