A teacher who was my bright light.

For those of you who know me well, you know that I have always struggled in math. Well this semester was extremely challenging for me though out my entire math course. Even though I worked my butt off, the highest test grade I got was a 77 and I failed pretty much all of my quizzes. I repeatedly asked my teacher whether or not I should drop the class and not waste my time but she was persistent for me to keep on trying. She saw my potential when I didn’t. I remember after our last test which I BOMBED (got a 54 ahhh) I went to her ready to give up and not even come in for the final. She told me she believed in me and showed me the grade I had to get on my final to pass with a C which is what I needed for the class to transfer. I worked my butt off, hours of studying, going to the tutoring center and even meeting with her in her office. I took the final which was separated into two parts. 1 was a written part and the second was an Excel exam.

My friend Amanda texted me that grades were up and I threw my hands up and screamed. I passed the class with a 71.46!!!!!!!!! I got a 73 on my written portion and a 100 on the excel part.  To make everything even better I recieved this email shortly after grades were posted.


I’m so proud of you!!! You made the grade that you were aiming for!! I’m very glad that you stuck with the class and succeeded!

Take care and good luck in the future.

Mrs. Wall

So thank you Mrs. Wall for believing in me when I didn’t and inspiring me to never give up. You really have touched my heart and it’s been a pleasure working with you this semester.

Goodbye Math, you will not be missed.


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