28 – Whats the big deal?

So this post is in honor of my brother in law who’s birthday is today! Happy Birthday Jamie!

Now let me tell you something about why the 28th is so special.

Everyone in my husbands family except my husband and sister in law were born on the 28th! Weird. I remember when I first met Patrick and went over to spend time with his mom for the first time, I learned the importance.

We were sitting on the couch and he was introducing me to my now mother in law and he randomly goes, “and she was born on the 28th!” and she replied “Well that is a good sign!” hahhah So,

My brother in law – Jamie –  May 28

Myself –   June 28

My mother in law – Cynthia – November 28

My father in law – Jim – December 28

Then you have the two odd balls, my husband and sister in law but who both were born in March. weird.


So if your birthday is on the 28th, then you are almost as cool as us.:D

Does your family have any weird quirks like everyone being born on the 28th?

You married me to your  brother.

You baptized me.

You’ve forgotten my name at the wedding rehearsal.

You made me laugh at my wedding.

This is the pastor who while preforming my wedding ceremony makes funny comments under his breath that only I can hear. One of the first questions he asked Patrick and I was, “Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?” Patrick answered yes and when I answered yes, under his breath he responds , “That is a good answer”. hahhaha and people wonder why I laughed so much.

So this is for you Jamie! Happy 30th Birthday!



1 little 2 little 3 little indians.


4 thoughts on “28 – Whats the big deal?

  1. My family also has a lot of birthday quirks, so to speak. I was born November 26. My dad was born November 28. My uncle was born November 26. I think my neice was born either the 27th or 29th of November. I know we’ve also got a few other November births that I can’t think of right now. My mom was born December 6. My brother was born early September, but that’s still pretty close overall. I know there are more… a lot of my family’s birthdays are around November and December.

    Heck, my brother is technically the oddball of my close family since his birthday isn’t within 10 days or so of the rest.

  2. Yeah, I don’t see us as oddballs. I see the rest of you as posers, trying to be like each other. Patrick and I are the renegades of the family 🙂 … The weird quirk in my side of the family is at least half of the women having Elizabeth as a middle name- Joan Elizabeth, Erin Elizabeth, Ellen Elizabeth, Elizabeth Bailey, Charlotte Elizabeth. Oh, and there is a weird crooked pinky finger that pops up through the generations; every baby is checked for it lol.

  3. Thats awesome Jacob! hahah 😀

    Jennifer – nope. You’re the oddball. 😛
    crooked pinky??? Do you or charlotte have it??

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