So. I am a member at the 02 fitness clubs. They are GREAT gyms with great equipment and great workout classes. They recently added new locations called “express 02”. I have had my membership on hold the past couple of months but decided I missed it way too much and started it back up again. I decided to pay 5 dollars more though and now I can go to any and all of their locations.

So on the way home I decided to stop by and sign in to one of their new 02 express stations for the first time. When I first walked in, I was slightly disappointed. It was not even 1/3 of the size of the other stations and the equipment definitely was not top of the line.  However, by the end of my workout, I am more inspired than EVER.

While signing in and getting my hand scanned to have access (love love love the security there) a morbidly obese, mid to late 20’s, man walked in. The gym manager greeted him with a, “Hello Arnold” and once he walked away enough she told me his story. Arnold comes in to the gym 6 days a week and works out for at least 2 hours. He has been coming for months and has already lost 60 pounds!!!!  Already, I was inspired with that. The gym is a small gym, rarely more than 8 people in there at a time (seeing how it’s a 24 hour gym). I jumped on a treadmill and began my run. Already things were different! Yes, the treadmill was from the 90’s (not really but the tv wasn’t mounted on the top like normal 😛 ) However, the two older ladies on the other cardio equipment started TALKING to me!! I normally would hate this, but they were so friendly. Arnold who was on a bike at the time would occasionally pipe in.

Throughout my hour of being there, Arnold was only half way done with his workout. He was drenched in sweat but I have never seen someone so determined to change their life in the physical aspect. He went from cardio machine to the circuit training to the mat, back to cardio. It was so inspiring to see him talk to himself and push himself through the points of wanting to give up and go home.

I struggle with the aspect of consistency. I love to workout, but I’m not good about doing it everyday. Arnold has inspired me though. I can’t imagine how hard those workouts are for him but how HUGE the reward. It is literally saving his life.

So I hope you have an “Arnold” in your life. Someone who inspires you and they don’t even know it. For those of you who struggle with working out on a regular basis, I hope you find someone who inspires you like Arnold inspired me. Here is to a chapter of consistency, dedication and hard work. Thank you Arnold.




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