Where is your absolute favorite place to go? Where do your worries get put on hold? For me, I can easily say my favorite place to go is the beach. Whenever my dad died, the only place I wanted to go was the beach and I didn’t even care that it was the dead of winter. There is something about the beach that is extremely therapeutic for me. All hell can be breaking loose around me and as soon as I know I am taking a trip to the beach, nothing seems to matter – at least for the day or the few hours that I am there.

Well today Patrick and I packed everything up and headed to the beach. It was a much needed daycation and fun getaway from reality. With summer classes starting to get into full swing and everything else in my life that is going on, I just needed it. If you pack your lunch and dinner then honestly all it costs is parking and gas. So we could have gone down there for 40 dollars and then 5 dollars for parking. However, we treated ourselves to a wonderful dinner at a local seafood place.

As I was laying on my beach towel, soaking up some sun and listening to the constant rhythm of the waves – I was able to stop and listen. We talk to God all the time, but I think as Christians we have a serious listening issue. We tell God our needs and wants and desires and send up our prayers but how often do we listen to His replies and the divine romance He gently calls us to enter into. We can pray all day and everyday but unless we stop and listen to God’s response and answers to our prayers, in some ways, it is kind of pointless. (at least when it comes to our own personal growth)

Proverbs 19:27 (New King James Version)

27 Cease listening to instruction, my son, 
      And you will stray from the words of knowledge.

It is absolutely essential to listen to God on a daily basis. Sometimes you have to get away from the hustle and bustle of life to get it quiet enough or sometimes you hear God loud and clearly in a crowded room. I have my quiet space in my house where I can escape everything that is going on. It might be your bedroom, your office, a spare room or outside on the porch. Wherever it may be –  get alone with God and listen to what He is trying to say. I can’t always run away to the beach to hear God or stop all the stress in my life but I can go into my office, shut the door and just sit and listen. Sometimes we miss God saying the most powerful things because our lives are too chaotic and the things in them are too loud. Make sure God is the loudest voice in your life. Quiet your surroundings and listen. You will be surprised at the things you haven’t been hearing simply because God is not the loudest voice in your life.

So I pray that God is the loudest voice in your life and that you can hear His gentle whispers even in the midst of the chaos.




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