I got everything I could ever want in a man.

I snapped this picture today through the blinds and window of my living room. It makes my heart melt knowing that I am married to an amazing man of God. Ladies, if you aren’t married – DON’T SETTLE!

I am so blessed to know my husband. He is gentle, kind, wise, handsome, funny, energetic, smart, witty, loving, and the list goes on. Our paths crossed back in 2008 and it has been an amazing journey every day since. The above picture is exactly why I fell in love with my husband. His love for God, wisdom, and knowledge. If you are married or soon to be married or want to be married one day, remember; no one is perfect but as long as we keep pursuing God, learn to compromise, are quick to forgive and Ephesians 5:33 then we are destined to succeed. ❤

Basically I just wanted to share with you how amazing my husband is. He doesn’t get credit nearly enough for his amazing-ness (in everything he does). So Patrick, thank you for being an AMAZING man of God and leading our family in the right direction. So glad on November 27th 2010, we started this wonderful life together. Excited for what the next 120 years hold.

Love, Your wife.


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