God Provides.

So Patrick and I have been looking to move closer to Raleigh for about 4 months now. We have a lovely home out in Youngsville and enjoy the quietness. However, the drive for Patrick to work is extremely long. We wanted to move into Wake Forest and began the search for our next home. We can across a home in Downtown Wake Forest that we decided to make an offer on. We knew it would need some work (a fence for our dogs, paint and new carpet) but we knew it would return to us in the end. We made an offer back in January and began to wait. It was a shortsale so we knew the process could be longer than a normal offer.

Well, January passed….. then February passed…… and we kept getting updates about “You’ll know next thursday” etc but we never heard anything. We were willing to wait it out though because we wanted the home. Finally we heard an update that our paperwork was LOST and a supervisor had to take over our account to try and get our offer accepted. So we began waiting again….. praying that God would provide favor and that things would move quickly. Through this waiitng process, I began to think that maybe this wasn’t our house… maybe God had different plan! It didn’t make sense though, this was the house we wanted! Great location and great price!

Well, we decided to keep our options open. We looked a few more homes while waiting and each one was a disappointment compared to the downtown Wake Forest home. We knew we would wait for as long as we needed to to get that home.

Well, 2 weeks ago, I was running at the gym and I received a phone call from Patrick saying he is going to go look at a home and he thinks it might be worth me coming to check out. I agreed and met him there. I walked in and said, “Lets make an offer”. The home was beautiful. The details were perfect, it had EVERYTHING we wanted. We jokingly talked about our wants in a home such as a pantry, a fenced in yard, privacy, and a garage. This home had a garage, two pantries, fenced in back yard, ample amounts of privacy! It also has a sunroom and a room that I will be using as my studio. We walked around the home with awe…. and then immediately left to make an offer.

We called the agent of the home and she said, “Oh that house is already sold on the first day it was listed!” and we were so confused as to why it was still listed. She asked the address and checked again and shockingly says, “Oh no! Something must have fallen through and it’s back up on the market!” Our hearts were overwhelmed with excitement that we had a chance of getting it.

We made an offer (below the asking price) that sunday (the next day) and knew we would know within 24 hours. HUD homes are based on a bidding system and every night at midnight the bids close. Well we were POSITIVE that we were going to get the house seeing how it had just gone back up on the market.

Monday rolls around and the house is taken off the site. We wait about 4 hours and finally find out that the house went to someone else. I bawled. I was heartbroken… here it was our dream house was in reached and just like that, it was gone. We continued to pray and speak over the home that it was ours. (crazy but we wanted THAT home!). Well on wednesday we call and find out that the winners of the home had not submitted their paperwork yet and it might possibly go back on the market if they do not turn the paperwork in. We were emotionally drained but a glimmer of hope was pushing through our despair. We prayed and spoke the word and prayed for favor. We called back the day it was suppose to go on the market and found out that our bid was accepted as a back up bid! We were SO excited and then we found out that it was a system error and the house went back up on the market the next morning. I wanted THAT home and nothing else. Low and behold, the home went BACK up on the market and we placed a bid OVER the asking price. (This was on a friday) and so we had all weekend to wait and see if we got it.

Monday comes and we receive the email saying we won the home!!!! The amazing part is, is that they took our FIRST OFFER!!! WHICH WAS UNDER THE ASKING PRICE!!!! There is no other way to explain the divine favor we experienced with this home.

Everything bad that was happening and the struggles we were facing with the Downtown Wake Forest home, was being reversed for this home.

Technically our dream home slipped through 2 other home owners before it got to us. Then when we knew about it, we technically “lost it” twice before we officially got it.

Also, the downtown home counter offered the same week we got our dream home….. they counter offered and ABSURD amount and it was an extremely easy decision to walk away. We waited almost 3 months just to hear a counter offer or an acceptance to our offer…… and it only took 2 weeks for us to get our dream home. Crazy. 🙂 God knows the desired of our hearts and provided every desire we wanted with our dream home. It still amazes me how perfect this home is for us.

God is so good and faithful!!! I am trying to write this on my lunch break and I might add and edit later but this gives the major miracles that happened for us to get this home. Our dream home. I can’t wait until the end of April!!!!  😀


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