Ding and Beeps

There are a lot of noises in our everyday lives but I’ve been noticing there are a lot of DINGS AND BEEPS. What?

Ding – You have a text message

Ding – You have a new email

Ding – Someone commented on something from Facbeook

Ding – Someone messaged you on Facebook

Ding – Microwave is going off

Beep – Alarm is going off, time to wake up.

Beep – Reminders on your phone going off

Beep – Oven is going off. Dinner is ready.

Beep – You start a timer.

Beep Beep – Time is up.

You get the picture. We are constantly on a schedule of alerts, time slots, dings and beeps. I have been thinking lately at how controlled I am by the feeling of having to do something when I hear a ding or beep. For instance – I could be half way across the room and will hear a beep from my phone and I STOP what I’m doing to check it. Why? Why do I HAVE to check it right then and there? I feel like people are expecting instantaneous communication now a days. (I’m guilty!). If they message you on facbeook, they expect an immediate response. If you email someone, you sometimes get angry when it’s a few hours (or even 24 hours) before you get a response. We have lost the art of waiting. It has made us impatient, ungrateful and constantly busy.

Let me explain. Can I tell you that I HATE the “read” feature on facebook messages? Did you know that if you message someone on facebook, it tells that person if you have read it or not?!? As a business owner, this adds tremendous pressure to respond the moment you read it. You can no longer read something and respond during your emailing hours because it looks like you are ignoring people. Now, I get that you can just not read it but then again, you would be ignoring the dings and beeps and that can be rather challenging.

In a society controlled by dings and beeps, we begin to put God in a box of dings and beeps. We pray, “God, I and thankful that you are supplying ____xyz___. Amen” Then we open our eyes, look around and wait for the ding to say our prayer is ready for pickup. We find ourselves opening our eyes and then asking God why hasn’t He answered our prayer yet? Why haven’t we heard the ding and beep that we are accustomed to hearing to alert us that it’s ready. It might sound silly, but it makes sense in my head.

We have stopped cooking home made meals because waiting for a ding or beep is easier than spending an hour in the kitchen. What if God needs us to work hard though, take our time, wait a little while and then let us enjoy a fillet mignon instead of the quick and easy KFC?

I’m working on de-dinging and de-beeping my life. Less social media, less running to my phone, less sharing every moment of every day. More time in prayer, worship, cooking, reading, running, spending uninterrupted time with my handsome husband. I want to make sure I know how to wait and be patient. I want to know the feeling of working hard for something and then enjoying my hard work. I don’t want to constantly cut corners because it’s easier, be consumed by the dings and the beeps that draw me away from the beauty of what I am doing. I want to learn the art of waiting which allows me to be grateful, persistent and disciplined.

What if you didn’t hear a single ding or beep for 24 hours. What would your life look like? Disconnect from a life of “right now”. I promise it will be freeing. I know your job might not allow that but take just one day (even if it’s a Saturday). Enjoy the day with little interruption from your smart phone.Make a plan on when you’ll check emails (once in the morning, once at night). Make a small time to be on facebook, respond to your fb friends or catch up on other people, find a schedule that works but stop being distracted and controlled by dings and beeps. For me personally, I think I might just have to try that……

ding and beep

Warmth and Laughter,



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